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Electrically-Powered Hydraulic Power Units

Electrically efficient

With hydraulic power units, once again, nothing is left to be desired regarding your requirements – from the planning and advice, to the 3D design and the creation of the circuit diagrams, through to the installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Our power units are designed for every area of industry and for mobile use, and fulfil every aspiration of the latest technology:

  • Steel tank V = 1 litre to ≥4000
  • Aluminium tank V = 5 – 130 litres
  • Drive power: 0.37 kW – 132 kW
  • Special power units according to customer requirements
  • Low noise power units
  • Control blocks
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Test bench for power units of up to 132 kW

In addition to this, we also design power unit drives with...

  • Asynchronous motor; also with frequency control
  • Servo motor
  • Diesel motor
  • and made-to-measure specialist products

For the central control system, you can choose between:

  • Hydraulic power unit with terminal box: here, all electrical components are connected to the terminal
  • Hydraulic power unit with control cabinet: all electrical components are wired in the control cabinet. Operation via push button, logo control or programmed control

All the work steps in the configuration of the electrical system / control system are consistently aligned to your requirements profile and are carried out in close consultation.

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