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We keep information & goods flowing

Today, logistics is much more than simply transporting goods. For us, this service segment also involves the integrated planning, execution and control of all goods and information flows, always with a focus on optimising cost, time and quantity aspects.

This is the only way to sensibly fill the logistics chain with life, allowing you and your company to profit. So, what would a partnership look like in practice?

Thanks to our SAP-supported warehouse management we guarantee:

  • Individual logistics solutions made-to-measure for your needs
  • 95 % of all shipments just-in-time
  • 80 % by the afternoon of the next day for domestic goods shipments
  • Global distribution according to a precise requirement profile
  • Assumption of specific tasks, such as Kanban management, for time and cost savings

Our own logistics specialists and a modern vehicle pool offer you an extensive service that guarantees round-the-clock fast and reliable deliveries. This helps you avoid long downtimes and deliver to your customers punctually.