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About us

Think beyond tomorrow

Our success story began over 66 years ago – not in a garage, but in a small shop. From the very start, the founders of our company, Gerhard Nölle and Heinrich Nordhorn, pursued a clear goal: the consistent expansion of the range of products and services, with a strong focus on the customer and their needs. They simply never allowed themselves to be satisfied with the status quo; they wanted more. “Thinking bigger” has been the key maxim from the very start. Staying interested and refusing to accept the most obvious answers. Always finding even better solutions until the seemingly impossible turns possible. Everything from one single source, for every requirement, all the time.

Based on this detailed work, is something we share with our parent company DEXIS, our customer promise.

For us, these aren’t empty phrases, but our daily working life. And you benefit from them, regardless of how demanding your requirements are.

Find out why we are the ideal partner for you

Our 5 commitments

Human and geographic proximity of our sales teams

A wide and competitively-priced range of products thanks to our economies of scale

Guaranteed availability of products thanks to our efficient logistical system

The technical excellence of our experts

The development of solutions and effective services that facilitate and simplify the operational activities of our customers


What a story


Founding of our company

Our success story began on April 1st, 1957 when Gerhard Nölle and Heinrich Nordhorn founded the company.



Move to the current location at Carl-Bertelsmann-Straße 56.


Cooperation with FESTO

Start of our cooperation with FESTO.


New partner

A new and strong partner is added: BOSCH REXROTH.


Introduction of SAP

Introduction of SAP as one of the first technical retailers on the market


New building

New building and merging of administration, production and logistics.


Sales & integration

Sale to DESCOURS & CABAUD and integration in DEXIS Europe.