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MICROMAT – Hydraulic clamping systems

Block cylinders Due to a large power range in conjunction with compact
sizes as well as their short, precise cycle times, block
cylinders are the ideal solution for many manufacturing
tasks. Such functions as

  • positioning
  • clamping
  • stamping
  • punching
  • riveting
  • locking
  • closing
  • opening
  • bending
  • drawing

have given them a prominent role in automotive and mechanical engineering and mould construction as well as in areas such as injection moulding.

Swing clamps allow the fast and easy insertion and removal of workpieces,
as the clamping points are free when tension is relieved from the cylinder.
The resulting reduction of the run time increases the profitability
of the manufacturing process

MICROMAT swing clamps do not execute an axial movement during the swing movement. This reduces the space required for the swing operation to a minimum, allowing, for example, swinging into small intermediate spaces and even clamping workpieces in narrow ridges.

MICROMAT swing clamps require not overload protection, as their design nearly eliminates the possibility of damage caused by collision during the swing operation.

Round or hollow piston cylinders are often used in conjunction with mechanical clamping elements as pull and pressure cylinders. They are flange- or clip-mounted to the pull rod.

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