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Hydraulic cylinder

We are the dealer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders (hydro-cylinders) by various manufacturers, e.g.  Bosch Rexroth, Quiri Micromat or Lukas Hydraulik.

The delivery program contains both standard and also special cylinders. We also repair or overhaul the cylinders.

Our engineers and technicians from the system engineering department will be happy to advise you about the design and calculation of a cylinder for the respective application.

Design of a hydraulic cylinder:

Hydraulic cylinders carry out straight (linear) movements. These are therefore often referred to as linear motors. A hydraulic fluid (e.g. oil or water) is used as a medium. The cylinder converts the energy with the hydraulic fluids supplied from a hydraulic system (pressure accumulators or an hydraulic aggregate) into a linear movement. The main components of an hydraulic cylinder are the cylinder head and base, the cylinder tube and the piston rod with pistons and state-of-the-art sealing technology.

Functional principle:
Single-action or double action.

Limit switch query (inductive proximity switch), path measurement system, connection surface for the valve assembly.
Can be designed for various pressure fluids and stroke speeds.

Application fields in the industry:

Hydraulic cylinder for various sectors, e.g. Presses, tool machines, feed units, elevated platforms, punches.

The following is an overview of models by various manufacturers of lift cylinders:

Bosch Rexroth up to 250 bar
The industrial hydraulic cylinders are built for use in the toughest of conditions. Bosch Rexroth works closely with customers as a partner to develop solutions. In this way, we have created and are continuing to expand our large portfolio of hydraulic cylinders that meet all global safety standards for any possible work environment.  Rexroth has made the hydraulics even more powerful. Be it round cylinders or tie-rod cylinders, we supply hydraulic cylinders for safe and reliable movements. In this way, you receive smarter, more reliable and cost-optimised solutions with longer service lives and intelligent components.

Differential cylinder (double-action)

Synchronized cylinder (double action)
Effective diameter 32 – 320 mm
Stroke lengths up to max. 6000 mm (diameter-dependent)

Large cylinder
The large hydraulic cylinders have a borehole 200 mm to 1,500 mm and a stroke of up to 24,000 mm.

Standard (hydraulic) cylinders (DIN 24333 und ISO 6022)
Round cylinders acc. to ISO 6022 and DIN 24333
These durable and reliable round hydraulic cylinders are designed for heavy-duty operations and have even proven their stability under the most extreme of conditions. The Rexroth round cylinder program contains both screwed and welded cylinders.

Tie-rod cylinders
Space in the automobile production is tight. Therefore, these cylinders are hydraulic tie-rod cylinders and can be used in very tight spaces.

Quiri Micromat  - 500 bar
Block cylinder (steel + aluminium), screw-in cylinder, clamp cylinder, punching cylinder
short-stroke cylinder

Lukas 500-700 bar
High-pressure cylinder, hollow piston cylinder, flat cylinder, compact cylinder

Repairs and spare parts:
Seal set, piston rod, guide flange

Accessories for the respective cylinders:
Pressure screws, pivot bearings (articulated lug), rod ends, incl. flange/headstock, trunnion pins, clevis, bearing block, test couplings

Talk to our experts! Our competence goes well beyond the pure delivery. We will overhaul and repair your cylinders, and offer support during the commissioning or installation of the hydraulic cylinder.

Bosch Rexroth Standard cylinders
Lukas Hydraulic cylinder
Quiri Micromat cylinder

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