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Rexnord Roller Chains

We are your supplier of Rexnord roller chains, drive chains / conveyor chains, special chains and accessories.

Highest of standards in the field of drive and conveyor chains.

Continuous further development of roller chains and lubrication offer sustainable protection of your investments.

Quality-defining factors:

  • The quality of a chain is not determined by its breaking strength, but by its ability to handle repetitive operational impacts.
  • In addition to quality-defining factors, such as fatigue strength and wear resistance, there are a large number of other factors that impact on the quality of a chain.  
  • Chains from different manufacturers with the same breaking strength and standardisation do not always have the same quality standard.  
  • The production procedures developed by Rexnord combine these quality-defining factors.
  • Chains with optimised price/performance ratios.

Solutions for standard applications and also customer-specific applications in the fields of tool-making, the food and pharmaceutical industry, wood processing, fork-lift trucks and lots more.

  • RexPro – this European design stands for excellent corrosion and wear protection and for unique protection against chain joint stiffness. RexPro is also very environmentally compatible. RexPro is suitable for use in the food industry (NSF-H2 approval granted).
  • RexAthletic – durable and wear-resistant, low maintenance roller chain
  • RexCarbon – maintenance-free roller chain thanks to high-tech thermoplast sliding sleeves
  • RexPlus – Rexnord roller chain with proven excellent resistance to rust and acid
  • RexPlusCarbon -  the first chain that is permanently maintenance-free and at the same time resistant to rust and acid.
  • RexHiPro – absolute corrosion protection even under difficult circumstances
  • RexPro-X – extremely durable, long service life
  • Oilfield chains – petrochemical industry, drill pipes, sludge pumps, geared drive units
  • Flyer chains – fork-lift trucks, telehandlers, material handling, tool machines.
  • Conveyor chains – wood processing machines, mining, automotive, conveyor belts.

Profit from our competence. More than 8600 chain models underscore the wide range of solutions and high level of flexibility.

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