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Compact revolution in hydraulic power units

If you always go round in circles when it comes to technological development, you will only ever come out second best. But with the groundbreaking invention of servo hydraulics, you remain at the forefront in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Be a pioneer and rely on this innovative technology!

Fast commissioning

The CytroPac comes pre-assembled and tested, so it only needs to be connected to the network, filled with fluid and connected to the data interface. It starts with Ethernet connectivity. The commissioning engineer needs no understanding of hydraulics - child's play, so to speak.

Sinpler work 

Save yourself the trouble: in the best case, you no longer need a control cabinet thanks to simple wiring. An additional cooling system is not necessary at first either. Optimum cooling is provided by the space-saving heat pipe system. The degassing-optimised design ensures a smaller container size.

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Non-stop operation

Better safe than sorry: checks are carried out before a shutdown can occur. The integrated sensors record the data of components and fluid. Intelligent analysis of the data, condition monitoring and preventive maintenance detect wear.

More productive operation

It could hardly be more economical: the CytroPac requires up to 80 % less energy than comparable units. And it saves on noise thanks to its enclosure. Parameters can be easily changed via a web interface, and operation is via the machine control system,

End-costumer application

Optionally with integrated panel control electronics (e.g. end-user-specific duck volume setting, status feedback, etc.) Further option: external parameterisation and service panel.

Key technical data

Maximum operating pressure315 bar
Maximum flow rateup to 36 L/min
Power2.2 to 4 kW                                                                                                                   
Pendulum volume10 litres
Maximum tank capacity20 litres
Weight65 kg

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