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OKS lubricants

We are your supplier of all lubricants from the company OKS.

OKS produces and sells around 150 standardised high-performance products to reduce friction, wear and corrosion. The main application fields for special lubricants and chemo-technical products are industrial maintenance, repairs and production.

Thanks to the expertise of the engineers and technicians at the company OKS, we supply highly-developed products that satisfy the strictest of environment and quality requirements ‘Made in Germany’.

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Our program includes the following product groups:

  • Pastes, for easy assembly and dismantling, e.g. OKS 200 Assembly paste, OKS 240 Anti-seize paste or OKS 260 White assembly paste.
  • Oils, with high-performance additives for reliable lubrication, e.g. OKS 1000 Silicone oil or OKS 3571 adhesive lubricant with PTFE.
  • Greases, long-term lubrication in critical operating conditions, e.g. OKS 422 Universal grease for long-term lubrication or OKS 470 White all-round high-performance grease (also for food equipment).
  • Dry lubricants and bonded coatings, the alternatives for special applications, e.g. OKS 100 MoS2-Bonded coating or OKS 1300 Bonded film.
  • Corrosion protection for safe conservation during storage and shipping, e.g. OKS 2300 mould protection or OKS 2541 stainless steel protection.
  • Lubrication devices, solutions for industrial applications

We also supply the right OKS special lubricants for food equipment. NSF-certified lubricants for safety food production.

Just contact us and profit from our support quality and problem-solving expertise. Lots of products are on stock.

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