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Hydraulic power unit with more power in less space

If you turn on your own axis in development, you will always be the second winner when it comes to technical progress. With the innovation from servo hydraulics, you are at the forefront when it comes to efficiency and sustainability.

Compact design
The innovative design concept creates maximum performance in minimum space. Instead of 2 sqm, the CytroBox only needs 0.5 sqm. Instead of 600 l oil volume, it needs only 150 l - that is 75 % less than comparable units. The CytroBox can thus be integrated into production lines in a space-saving manner.

Networked intelligence
Industry 4.0 has been implemented here: The data from the sensor package is processed by the drive controller. This data can be fed into automation systems via interface. The IoT service CytroConnect provides the user with all the information about the CytroBox via plug-and-play.

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A smart combination of variable speed, synchronous motor and axial piston pump provides more efficient performance. The variable-speed pump drive achieves energy savings of up to 80% compared to constant-drive units.

Low noise

Clever design for less noise - with 75 dB(A) at full load, the hydraulic power pack remains well below the limit value of the LärmVibrationsArbSchV. This also means: fewer measures and costs for noise reduction. Even right next to the CytroBox.

End-customer application

Optional configuration of various control systems Optionally with integrated panel control electronics (e.g. end-user-specific duck volume specification, status feedback). Further option: external parameterisation and service panel.

Technical key data

Maximum operating pressure315 bar
Maximum volume flow160 L/min
Power30 kW                                                                                                                   
Pendulum volume50 litres
Maximum tank capacity 150 litres
Noise< 75 db (A)

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