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Prevost compressed air components

For many years we have been a dealer and supplier of compressed air components produced by our innovative partner Prevost.

Prevost is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of compressed air, compressed air distribution and pneumatic tools.

Overview of the Prevost range:

  • Safety couplings/compressed air couplings and fittings e.g. prevo S1 safety couplings
  • Components for compressed air networks
  • Air-blow guns 27102 and prevo S1
  • Compressed air network/compressed air lines and the Prevost piping system
  • Compressed air tools
  • Hose winder and hoses
  • Spring balancers and balancer

The Prevost compressed air components meet the strictest of quality norms, hygiene standards and requirements relating to sustainability and performance.

We also supply pneumatic products to the following branches and industrial sectors:

  • Automotive industry: vehicle construction, assembly lines…
  • Car workshops: mechanics, paintwork, car body…
  • Polymer processing
  • Timber industry: saw mills, joineries
  • Food industry: slaughterhouses, dairies and cheese factories…

In addition to our trading activities, we also help you design and select match components, and optimise and assemble your compressed air network and the associated compressed air lines.

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