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DiMeES - The innovative early warning system

Every machine, every production process eventually has the same problem at some time or another: From a purely external viewpoint, everything seems to be functioning smoothly, but invisibly, a problem can creep into the process and, if this is not detected at an early stage, then there is a risk of breakdowns. This can therefore result in high costs. Don't let it come to that.

Utilising the new digital measurement data acquisition system of  DiMeES from NÖLLE + NORDHORN enables you to detect sources of error at an early stage and thereby prevent downtimes. The modern digital monitoring and reporting system has not just been developed by our engineers under laboratory conditions, rather with the practical experience of a company history which dates back over 60 years. We know the market, we understand its needs and we speak your language.

From practical experience into a practical environment

After 3 years of development work and field tests, our DiMeES is now being launched onto the market. Irrespective of whether for general control/condition monitoring in industrial applications or for monitoring technical installations. But the device also shows its strengths in home automation such as for room air monitoring. All sensors with digital and analogue values can be recorded and processed with our DiMeES system. For example, vibration ranges, speeds or revolutions, frequency ranges, temperature, pressure, fill level, contamination and much more.

Existing or additional sensors can convert physical statuses into measured values in all the application areas and application ranges, which are subsequently recorded and analysed in digital form. If predefined limit values are exceeded or not reached, then messages are issued and/or the system sounds an alarm. The logical and mathematical linkages of the data to be worked out with you make it possible to predict impending machine failures.

Benefit from these invaluable, unique advantages...

... early indications 
... reliable documentation of the results
... minimisation of downtimes

You are always on the safe side with DiMeES. Time-consuming and cost-intensive troubleshooting is a thing of the past and you are optimally equipped for the complex challenges of preventive maintenance. Industry 4.0 at the cutting edge!

The modukar concept: Tailor-made configuration 

   - Master module with 10 digital input channels and 4 output channels
   - Slave module with 8 digital input channels and 4 analogue input channels
   - Additional slave modules are possible
   - GSM module available as an option -
- Recording of all events (messages/alarms) with time and date stamp

Measurement data: Digital and secure

- Optional data transmission via mobile radio/router as SMS, email, push and voice messages to different recipients
- No mandatory direct LAN network connection necessary, correspondingly high security

Consultation: Individual and comprehensive

- Professional conceptual design and programming support by our own engineers
- Display data graphically for optimal analysis
- Information, connection diagrams and parametrisation software are available on our website for download

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our field service. Arrange a non-binding appointment!

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[Translate to Englisch:] Messdatenerfassungssystem digital
[Translate to Englisch:] DiMeES-System
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