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In our range of services, which is always consistently geared to providing a full service, you will also find professional experts in our electronics department who are committed to assisting you in all matters relating to electrical engineering – commencing with consultation and planning through to conceptual design and finally production. In addition, there is the perfect integration of electronic components in control systems and plants, so that a trouble-free process chain is always guaranteed. In addition to our know-how, you can also rely on the latest technology: Our 3-D printer is ready for utilisation in the shortest possible time for individual parts and special designs.

A second focus of this special department is controlling and developing the NÖLLE + NORDHORN product ranges, which provide you with a number of advantages in terms of efficiency and cost savings in various areas:

  • DiMeES (Digital Measurement Data Acquisition System)
  • EHD axes (Electro Hydraulic Axes)
  • HNC Control (Hydraulic Synchronisation Control)
  • Valve testing equipment
  • Servo motors
  • and frequency converters
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