Loc-Line flexible hose system 75

We are your distributor of Loc Line flexible hose system 75 and all adapter elements such as nozzles, valves, connections and other accessories.

FLEXI 75 is a supple segmented hose made of plastic elements.

Simple connection to the central extraction system.

The hose can be easily positioned and stays in position without being affected by vibration.

Dimensions of the Loc Line flexible hose system:
The outer diameter is 75 mm. The clear width is approx. 63 mm. The associated adapters are available in an inner diameter of 83 mm and an outer diameter of 75 mm.

Ideal for the extraction of:

  • Chips
  • Lubricant mist
  • Gases
  • Smoke
  • Vapours
  • Gases
  • And lots of other media

The Flexi 75 series is also available in an antistatic model.

Please just contact our qualified sales staff, if you have any questions about Loc Line Flexi articles; they will be happy to help.

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