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EFFBE elastomer springs

Our product range includes elastomer springs, ejector pins, hollow bars, plates and solid bars manufactured by EFFBE.

EFFBE spring elements and custom-made parts are given defined spring characteristics by selecting elastomers with certain physical properties and of specific dimensions. For the production of EFFBE spring elements, two different types of criteria are used for the two types of elastomers:

With these two grades of materials, the limitations in respect of their degree of deflection, stroke length, load absorption and temperature range are fully exploited and aligned.

EFFBE elastomer springs have long been synonymous with quality. Their extended life and defined spring characteristics even after long use, their oil resistance, resistance to wear and abrasion, their high resistance to rupture and much more are the hallmarks of high-quality EFFBE elastomer materials. The main advantages in comparison to steel springs are their break resistance and damping capacity. This excludes the kind of tool damage cause by broken, worn-out steel springs.

EEFFBE elastomer springs, ejector pins, hollow bars, plates and solid bars are for the most part available immediately from stock!

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