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Determine economizing potentials for compressed air - save up to 60% on costs, locate and eliminate leakage:
42% compressed-air savings possible by means of leakage removal

Advantages of Festo Energy Saving Services:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Optimal use of the compressor performance
  • Longer service life of the components
  • High level of plant availability
  • Secure processes
  • Energy-efficient and ecology-minded system operation

4 phases of Festo Energy Saving Services:

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Application
  • Conservation

Modular structure:

  • Compiling service packages according to individual requirement


  • Analysis and evaluation of the status of the current compressed air system


  • Retention and improvement of the efficiency of the compressors
  • Removal of leakage
  • Improvement of the efficiency of the machines


  • Apply plan of action rapidly - for quick return on investment


  • Measures for the protection of the operating state of machines and compressed air systems reached

Product characteristics:

  • Universal
  • Suitable for all operators of pneumatic systems


  • Can be used for the complete compressed air system: from the compressed air supply through to the compressed-air application

EconomicUp to 60% less compressed air consumption - reduced operating costs through demand-driven compressed air supply: Cost savings > costs for the measures

Fast return on investment

Specialists from Festo apply the economizing measures immediately.

The optimal maintenance and layout of the machines ensure a high level of machine availability and stable production processes

Looking ahead
A condition-monitoring system avoids unforeseen machine shutdowns: Critical components are permanently monitored and wear, as well as pressure and flow-through changes, are identified at an early stage

The Festo specialists take over the complete handling for you.

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festo energy saving services
festo energy saving services

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