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Electro-mechanical cylinder

We are your supplier for electro-mechanical cylinders from the company Bosch Rexroth.

In terms of choosing actuators, electro-mechanical drive solutions are growing in popularity compared to fluid drive systems. Rexroth’s electro-mechanical cylinders are a high-performance alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, and also stand out in terms of energy efficiency.

They make use of the benefits of modern control system technology, even at higher forces. The force, position and speed can be freely configured by the user and adapted to new tasks flexibly via the drive system at any time.

All important parts come from the proven Rexroth standard program.

The mechanics in the electro-mechanical cylinder are based on proven planetary gears or  ball screw drives in a variety of different diameter and pitch combinations.

Rexroth supplies the cylinders as ready-to-install models, purely mechanical axles and also as complete systems with different precisely matched gears, servomotors and control systems of the IndraDrive series.

Electro-mechanical cylinder – EMC   
Maximum stroke:  up to 1,500 mm   
Maximum speeds:  to 1.6 m/s
Maximum axial force:  to 56,000 N
Dynamic load rating:  up to 93,000 N

Electro-mechanical cylinder Heavy Duty – EMC-HD   
Maximum stroke:  up to 1,700 mm
Maximum speeds:  to 1.0 m/s
Maximum axial force:  to 290,000 N
Dynamic load rating:  up to 470,000 N

Benefits of electro-pneumatic cylinders:

  • High energy-efficiency and little pollution   
  • Simple, compact and sturdy design for space-saving integration into the machine concepts
  • It can be connected to a central lubrication system    
  • Complete portfolio and large variability for a high level of flexibility for your applications   
  • Exact positioning, high dynamics, powerful drive and long operating life thanks to the use of highly-precise screw drives
  • Complete systems that are ready to install and operate allow simple, fast and functionally-safe installation and fast commissioning
  • Intelligent drive system for free programming and realising complex  travel profiles (free configuration of force, position and speed through the entire stroke)
  • Optional load pin for simple development of a force control

Just talk to our technical consultants and we will find the matching electro-mechanical cylinder.

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