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Bosch Rexroth linear systems

Ready-to-install linear systems

We are your contact partner and supplier for Bosch Rexroth linear systems.

Linear systems are suitable for a wide range of conveyor technology applications through to light machining tasks in the aluminium, timber and plastics industry.

Our partner Rexroth supplies ready-to-install linear systems with a wide range of drive configurations and control systems.

Benefits of linear systems:

  • Complete product program for almost all application cases
  • Linear systems with all market-specific drive variants
  • Delivered ready-to-install with motor and controller combinations, as well as positioning control units and sensors  
  • Universal configuration of multi-axle combinations with adapter to Bosch modular profile assembly sets
  • Competence by using components from our own production  
  • Global service on site through selected sales support points with assembly know-how
  • Precision and compact modules are very compact and low

The following is an overview of various linear systems.

Compact modules The Rexroth ready-to-install compact modules cover the entire medium and upper range for assembly and handling systems. The linear systems, which can be driven either with ball screw drives or a toothed belt, have high dynamics, load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

Linear modules
Linear modules are linear axles that comprise various mechanical, electronic and electro-technical components. Depending on the type, the linear modules are driven by ball screw drives or toothed belts.

Omega module
Compared to linear modules, the toothed belt drive of the omega module is located on the table part. Omega modules are therefore highly suitable for applications in which the main body dips into the work space. 

Precision modules
The combination of rail guide systems and ball screw drives in one compact element creates very small high-performance linear modules with excellent performance data. The miniaturised PSK systems satisfy all speed and precision requirements of modern production machines.  

Linear slide
The ready-to-install linear slides by Rexroth comprise two ball bushings, a matching slide and end plates respectively for fast and simple attachment on the sub-construction.

Rail guide tables
The TKK and TKL rail guide tables by Rexroth are ready-to-install solutions for linear movement tasks with high rigidity requirements.

Feed modules
The Rexroth feed modules are suitable for use in handling applications such as vertical axles or actuators. The complete linear units reduce the necessary drive power due to the smaller dead weight being moved and can achieve extremely precise, infinitely variable positions.

Electro-mechanical cylinder
The Rexroth electro-mechanical cylinder series allows high feed speeds even for large loads. All important parts come from the proven Rexroth standard program and also comprises servomotors with different performance profiles.

Drive units with ball screw drive
AOK and AGK drive units are ready-to-install drive axles with ball screw drives, nut casing and pillar block units. Optionally motor mounts and motors are selected to create a ready-to-install, precise and dynamic drive system for moving customer attachments on separate rails.

Control systems, motors
Rexroth supplies different control units and motors to match the linear systems. These are matched so that the interfaces are ideally  designed to ensure that the user has no configuration effort.

Talk to our technical consultants about linear systems. We’ll be happy to advise you!

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