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Assembly equipment

We are your supplier for Bosch Rexroth assembly equipment.

The product portfolio comprises strut profiles, and the associated connection elements, linear guides and the matching accessories.

We will be happy to help you design frames and shelves made of aluminium profiles through to fully automated production lines with transfer equipment, casings and assembly work stations. Our many years of experience in the assembly equipment field and close cooperation with our partner Bosch Rexroth allow made-to-measure and forward-thinking solutions for the production.

We deliver sturdy aluminium square profiles, EcoShape round tubes, linear guides and connection solutions at short notice. The profile construction kit contains more than 1500 modular parts. The application fields include machine construction and also ESD, clean room and dry room applications.

Strut profiles/aluminium profiles:

We will work with you to realise individual solutions for almost any specifications. The Bosch Rexroth square profiles and round tube systems can also be combined with one another.

Various standard dimensions of the aluminium profiles include e.g.:
20 x 20/30 x 30/40 x 40/45 x 45/50 x 50/60 x 60/70 x 70/80 x 80 mm

Standard profiles are about 6 metres long, and can of course be delivered cut to size.


Thanks to the extensive range of connection elements, the Bosch Rexroth profile construction kit is the perfect solution for various technical applications. The joints and installation elements offer you the flexibility you need.

Linear guides:

These versatile linear guides are designed for the Bosch Rexroth assembly system and are easy to mount. They are ideal for use as precise runner guides and are suitable for high speeds and medium loads. We will be happy to help you design handling units, supply systems and guides in work machines.

And, of course, we will also supply the assembly equipment delivery program described here and the associated aluminium profiles.

Assembly equipment Bosch Rexroth
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