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Your supplier for Ganter standardised parts

Standardised elements. Simple. Essential. Ganter.

We are a leading supplier for standardised parts and operating components from our partner Ganter.

Our product range includes standardised parts and operating elements made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel and plastic, with new developments being added all the time. Ganter products have received numerous awards, underscoring their outstanding quality.

A sample of the extensive product portfolio of Ganter Norm:

  • Operating elements: This group includes handles for machine construction, such as rotating and fixed handles, knobs or T-handles. This also includes bar handles, grip rails and folding handles. Furthermore, it includes handwheels in different variations, scales, knobs, locking elements, and much more.
  • Clamping elements: This area includes standardised parts for tensioning and clamping elements to machines, devices and fixtures of all kinds. This includes clamping levers, star-shaped grips, palm grips, eccentric clamps, wedge clamps, quick clamps, and much more.
  • Machine elements: Ganter locking bolts and locking elements are connecting elements manufactured according to Ganter Norm (GN) for manually connecting two or more components. The group also includes eyebolts, pressure fittings, positioning elements and adjusting rings. In addition, it includes locking mechanisms, hinges, adjustable feet, oil inspection glasses and magnets. This is just a small excerpt...

Furthermore, there are many innovative and specialised applications, such as stainless steel or hygienic design product families.

About Ganter Norm:

Founded in 1894 as a mechanical workshop in Furtwangen in the Black Forest, Ganter issued its first catalogue of standardised elements in 1912 – five years before the founding of the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN - German Industry Standard).
Today, the company is managed by its fourth generation, and is a leader in the development, sale and manufacturing of standardised elements with well over 60,000 standardised elements available ex works.
To ensure they remain a leader in the future, Ganter consistently develops its product portfolio, focusing on modern production and logistics and a global network of strong partners.

We deliver Ganter Norm products quickly. Please contact our technical consultants.

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