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Standard and control elements

We have a large range of control elements and standard parts.

Developed and produced by a renowned German manufacturer. All products are sophisticated in form and design. They are functionally reliable, durable and always available for delivery. Ergonomics and stability are the key factors.

The product range includes all the important areas: clamping levers, tensioning levers, handles, handwheels, locking pins, spring plungers, dovetail guides, drill bushes and many other elements, all  in different designs, sizes and materials, ranging from stainless steel and electrolytically polished surfaces to high-quality plastics.

Thanks to the manufacturer's high vertical range of manufacture and variety of machinery, we can also implement special solutions.

kipp support elements, locating elements, stop elements
kipp pull handles
kipp spring plungers, ball lock pins, indexing plungers
grips, knobs
clamping levers, tension levers, cam levers
kipp machine and fixture components
kipp toggle clamps power clamps
kipp clamping devices

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