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Oil circulation lubrication systems

We are your supplier for oil circulation lubrication systems by the company SKF. We supply entire systems as well as the respective components and spare parts.

Compared to the consumption lubrication systems (single/dual/multi-line systems), oil circulation lubrication systems have an advantage. Here, after passing the lubrication point via a return pipe, the oil is filtered and returned to the oil tank for further use. The oil has several functions; in addition to lubricating, it also stabilises the temperature at the lubrication points to the right level and transports the wear particles from the friction points at the same time. It also prevents oil corrosion damage and absorbs condensation.

The oil circulation system is designed as follows:

  • The pump supplies the lubricant via hydraulic resistors (throttles, adjustable throttle distributors etc.) thereby apportioning it.
  • The quantity is distributed by a flow regulator or progressive metering device for the individual lubrication points.
  • The quantity distribution at the metering unit is realised e.g. by means of a multi-loop geared pump or multi-loop piston pump.

The specific pumping quantities can be controlled electronically or optically. Of course, there are monitoring systems with individual signal and warning levels.

Oil circulation systems are tailor-made and are supplied in turnkey models for flow rates of 0.1 to 3000 l/min.  

Just talk to our lubrication equipment experts who can offer you advice about a solution that meets your individual needs.

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