SKF central lubrication

We are your supplier and dealer for central lubrication systems and the associated components from the companies SKF (formerly Vogel) and Lincoln – profit from the world’s largest range of lubrication systems and solutions. Many products available on stock.

Reduce maintenance - boost productivity! Prevent warehouse and machine failures.

Here is an insight into our delivery and service portfolio:

  • Single-line lubrication systems
    Simple planning, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Two-line lubrication systems
    Ideal for many lubrication points and large distances
  • Multi-line lubrication systems
    Sturdy, durable pumps. Continuous lubrication of machines, also in difficult environments
  • Progressive lubrication systems
    Regular, dosed lubrication of each individual lubrication point
  • Oil circulation lubrication systems
    Patented design for air filtering to ensure a long service life of the oil. Precise flow rate control
  • Oil plus air lubrication systems
    Continuous, precisely dosed oil flow. Protects delicate bearings against soiling
  • Minimum quantities lubrication systems
    Reduction of the total production time by up to 30 percent and much longer tool service life
  • Assembly and service on site

We are also your contact partner for lubrication systems in special application fields, e.g. chain lubrication or grease spray systems for open gears. Of course, we also service specific markets: Lubrication systems for agricultural machines, construction machines, the food and drink industry, and also the tool and special machine construction industry.

The above-mentioned systems also include feed pumps, feed distributors, progressive pumps, progressive distributors, gear pumps, matching screw connections, way valves and other accessories.

Our technicians and engineers are experts in the field of lubrication engineering. In addition to support, we also service and assemble products on site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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