PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene semi-finished parts

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a high-molecular polymer composed of fluorine and carbon atoms.

PTFE is a high-quality plastic used for a large number of applications for which no other material can be used.

The most outstanding properties are:

  • Almost universal resistance to chemical substances and solvents
  • Anti-adhesive behaviour, light- and weather-resistance
  • Wide thermal area of application from -200°C to +260°C.
  • High dielectricity properties, non-combustibility
  • Low friction coefficient, best sliding behaviour of all solids
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Very good insulating properties

PTFE is a thermoplast for innovative solutions with a melting range of +320 to +345°C. The plastic is incombustible and self-extinguishing. To burn, PTFE requires a catalyst and an ignition temperature of over 500°C. Hazardous reactions take place with metallic powders at approx. 370°C.

Adhesive behaviour of PTFE
Without processing, PTFE is not permanently adhesive. The permanent adhesion of PTFE requires a chemical pre-treatment of the surface (e.g. through sodium dissolved in ammonia). One side of the surface is destroyed in the pre-treatment. This is the only way to ensure a fixed connection with two component adhesives.

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