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Sintered bronze bearings

We are your supplier for maintenance-free sintered bronze bearings in compliance with DIN 1850. We have slide bearings with and without a flange directly on stock. Customized parts and blanks are also available at short notice.  

Our high-quality sintered bronze bearings are made of bronze powder (90% copper/10% tin). After the sintering process (pressure/temperature), they are dipped into a hot oil bath  during which the oil penetrates the porous structure of the bearing to guarantee excellent lubrication qualities.

They deliver optimum performance under relatively low loads and high speeds. Thanks to the material composition, the bushes have a high corrosion resistance.

Functions/benefits of sinter bronze bushes

  • Smooth running / extremely quiet
  • Low wear
  • The maintenance costs are low
  • Little installation effort
  • No dripping oil
  • Small installation dimensions

Application fields for slide bearings :

General, for most machine applications and

  • electrical motors
  • gears
  • printing machines
  • hand tools
  • agricultural machines
  • construction vehicles

Just talk to one of our competent advisors and profit from our huge warehouse of bearings made of sintered bronze. Customized parts and blanks are also available at short notice.

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