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Masterflex Suction hoses and connection systems

For many years,we have been a partner of Masterflex SE in the field of technical hoses and connection systems.

We supply customised hose solutions or suction hoses at short notice, some directly from stock. Put your reliance on consistently high quality and benefit from our years of experience

Abrasion-resistant suction & transport hoses made from PU
Polyurethane suction and transport hoses, especially suitable when conveying abrasive materials, impress with their durability. Examples: Master PUR or Cargoflex.

Suction & transport hoses made from PVC/EVA
PVC suction and transport hoses offer an all-round good chemical resistance.
EVA hoses are very light, crush-resistant and recoverable. Examples: Master PVC and Polderflex.

Highly inflammable PU suction hoses
Highly inflammable PU hoses are especially suited for use in the wood-processing industry and impress with their abrasion-resistance. Examples: Flamex, Master Pur.

Microbe- & hydrolysis-resistant hoses
Extremely flexible hoses made of polyester and polyether polyurethane for a wide variety of applications. Examples: Master-PUR Step and Master-PUR L.

Food & pharmaceutical hoses
Smooth hoses made of pure, food-safe polyether polyurethane, made according to applicable EC directives and FDA-compliant, suitable for many different areas of application in food processing and the pharmaceutical industry. Examples: Master-PIR Food, Master-SIL.

Antistatic & electroconductive hoses
For preventing ignition hazards resulting from electrostatic charges. Examples: Master-Clip Vinyl A, Master Clip PTFE EL.

Crush-resistant & recoverable hoses
Suction hoses and transport hoses especially suited for extreme mechanical loads. Examples: Master-PUR Step, Carflex Super.

Air-conditioning, ventilation & welding fumes hoses
Supply and exhaust air conduction in air-conditioning and ventilation technology as well as suction systems.

Exhaust gas hoses
Hoses for extracting exhaust gases from combustion engines at temperatures up to 1100°C. Examples: Carflex 200, Master-Clip Car

Temperature-resistant hoses from +250 °C to +1100 °C
Suction hoses for gaseous media up to 1100°C. Examples: Master-Clip Silicon and Master-Clip HT.

Chemical-Resistant Hoses
Suction hoses and transport hoses for conveying aggressive gaseous media as well as fine-grained particles, such as dust and powder in the chemical industry. Examples: Master-Clip Neopren and Master-Clip Viton.

Please feel free to contact us about special designs and designs for preventing temperature losses for use in different industrial sectors.

The product range is rounded off with matching pipe-bends and PU-lined pipes as well as installation and connection technology.

We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to assist you.

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