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Industrial hoses and accessories

We supply industrial hoses in all designs for a wide variety of media and nominal widths.

Our stock includes crystal-clear soft PVC hoses, PVC fabric hosesand PVC hoses with steel spirals or plastic spirals, as well as silicone hoses and Teflon hoses.

Air hoses and water hoses, Trix Rotstrahl, Goldschlange, oil hoses and fuel hoses, sandblasting machine hoses, radiator hoses, hot-water hoses, high-pressure steam hoses, oxyacetylene hoses, acetylene hoses, paint spray hoses, chemical hoses are also included in our product range.

Food hoses are an important product group.  Our product range includes drinking water hoses, such as Aquapal and Rauaqua. Diverse dairy steam hoses, Purpurschlange and Blaudieck hoses in different variations. All hoses are also delivered custom-assembled on request with the required approvals and safety guarantees.

We offer Masterflex hoses, including highly abrasion-resistant PU hoses, highly inflammable PU hoses (Flamex), food-safe PU, PO and silicone hoses, electroconductive PU hoses, temperature-resistant TPV hoses, PVC and EVA hoses, air-conditioning, ventilation and welding fumes hoses, exhaust hoses, medium and high-temperature hoses and chemical hoses for extracting different media.  Matching cuffs, flanges and accessories are available at short notice.

For the right connection, we offer you hose clamps (ABA/Norma/GEMI) in all variations manufactured by NORMA.

Our product range is rounded off with matching fittings and accessories.

Contact us today and profit from our knowledge and fast supply capacity!

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