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Henkel Loctite - Teroson Adhesives, sealants and surface technology

We are a partner of Henkel in Loctite, Teroson, Sichel and many more! Take advantage of our long-standing partnership and experience in this field.

Threadlockers, thread sealants, surface sealants, retaining compounds, instant adhesives, structural adhesives, etc.

Those who want to react successfully in today's market need strong partners at their side. Henkel offers industrial adhesives, sealants and complete system solutions for everything from design and product development to dosing tests.

The many high-quality Loctite industrial adhesives and sealants are used wherever efficient solutions are in demand.

The Henkel brand LOCTITE is known and respected for technical solutions with high-performance adhesives, sealing agents and coatings. The extensive LOCTITE product range  offer solutions for the most demanding industrial applications – for it opens up innovation potential for our customers and optimises reliability and production processes.

On the basis of customer partnership, technological leadership and industry how-how, Henkel develops LOCTITE solutions for its customers that cover the entire spectrum of adhesion, sealant and coating technologies.

An overview of the entire Henkel industrial product range:

  • Adhesin
  • Alodine
  • Dorus
  • Euromelt
  • Frekote
  • Gerolub
  • Granocoat
  • Hysol
  • Liofol
  • Macromelt
  • Macroplast
  • Miracure
  • Multan
  • Multicore
  • Optal
  • P3
  • Purmelt
  • Sanicare
  • Turco
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