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VOSS Fluid "Passionately connected"

That's what our supplier VOSS-Fluid and its extensive product portfolio stand for.

They offer cutting ring, taper, flared and pipe-forming systems, tube couplings, flange couplings and supplementary assemblies.

VOSS Fluid takes care of the complete task package, from project planning and engineering to production and assembly to special logistical services.

The choice is yours: Would you like to just use your machines, or would you like to be seduced by them? Seduced by a passionate appreciation that makes your daily work a matter of the heart.
Presumably the latter. That's where the details become important. And these are only as good as their design is practical. As a leading provider of hydraulic connection technology, Voss makes sure that each hydraulic connection becomes a treasured item for you.
The secret behind this lies in a contagious passion and precision technology that wants to do more than merely function.
For this reason, VOSS-Fluid only regards jobs as being done when the machines used for everyday work tasks are endowed with a soul – and the customer's work with a bit more brilliance. This is something the VOSS-Fluid team does happily and, above all, systematically!

Old love never rusts

Since 2007, VOSS-Fluid has been a pioneer in zinc-nickel coating

Prior to the application of the zinc-nickel surface, all items are subject to a machine capability analysis to guarantee that the same process parameters are maintained. Thanks to permanent quality checks for each production batch, the desired layer thickness and zinc-nickel installation rate can be ensured at all times. It exceeds yellow chromating in the relevant properties and impresses above all with its 10 times higher greater corrosion protection

VOSS Tube Couplings

VOSS Tube Couplings - the tried-and-tested DIN/ISO-compliant tube fittings for almost all areas of application in hydraulics. This includes in particular the ES-4 cutting ring with tried-and-tested soft seal for leak-free, user-friendly assembly.

A complete product range plus quality: This is the principle according to which the system partner VOSS provides one of the most extensive ranges of tube coupling systems.

"Our partnership with VOSS-Fluid has considerably increased customer satisfaction. This is something we notice every day."

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