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Ammeraal Beltech Conveyor belts

We get things moving!

With conveyor belts, V-belts, roller bearings and locking roller bearings, couplings or sprockets. All the variety under one roof and a service that welds together - in the truest sense of the word: Our exclusive partnership with AMMERAAL BELTECH will open up new perspectives for you. We produce conveyor belts and toothed belts in our workshop or directly at your company. And with the fastest welding machine in the world, the belts are ready for use in no time at all. Ideal for emergencies, as they allow you to prevent long standstill periods.
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As an internationally active manufacturer of conveyor belts, our partner Ammeraal Beltech offers a large selection of conveyor belts and accessories.

The key to their success is their control over the entire value-added chain and their close cooperation with customers, suppliers and other partners for a large number of areas of applications, e.g. conveyor belts for the food industry, packing industry, wood and metal industry and logistics.

Both our strategy and that of Ammeraal Beltech dictate that you as the customer can procure all the products and services you need directly from one source, thereby lowering costs for purchasing and logistics.

We offer you:

  • Synthetic belts An extensive range of process and conveyor belts for all applications
  • Elastomer belts The best product range for high-quality rubber coatings
  • ZipLink® belts Time-saving production solutions for all industries
  • Ultrasync belts Synchronised conveyance and positioning at high speed and under high loads
  • Open-end belts Seamless coatings and structures made from endless textiles
  • Toothed belts Positive belts for positioning, synchronous processes or force transmission
  • Special belts Customer-specific products, such as extraction, post conveyor and cable removal belts
  • Flat belts RAPPLON® high-performance flat belts for efficient force transmission and high-speed processes
  • Modular plastic belts uni-chains® belt solutions for straight and curved conveyance
  • Steel and plastic slat-band chains uni-chains® range of steel and plastic chains
  • Soliflex belts Homogeneous, positively driven belts for ultimate hygiene and autonomous belt guidance
  • UltraScreen belts Mesh belts for washing and drying food
  • Manufacturing & Service the largest network for service and on-site consulting

Take advantage of our experience and save on time and costs Our installers and consultants are always happy to assist you.

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